The Benefits of a Better Electron 

Our Energy Server platform can be personalized to meet your specific energy needs, delivering a combination of levels of reliability, resiliency, and sustainability. In addition to producing on-site energy and reducing your carbon footprint, you reap the benefit of lower and predictable energy costs. Similar to adding applications to a smart phone, our base platform can easily accommodate accessories to provide this personalization of benefits and fully meet your energy needs.

BloomEnergy Benefits

As an example, for a datacenter, our Energy Servers can be configured to provide high quality, grid independent power at a multi-megawatt scale. In addition to reliability, the fuel flexibility of the platform gives that same datacenter the ability to operate with zero carbon emissions using biogas or reduced carbon emissions using natural gas, all at a lower and predictable total cost of ownership.

By contrast, retail stores will have very different requirements as the energy use tends to vary throughout the day. A single Energy Server (250kW to 300 kW) may be able to serve the entire energy load of the store and when combined with energy storage, our platform can reduce peak power consumption and lower costs to further improve the predictability of economics for the store. As an added benefit, this same solution can also deliver greater reliability in the event that the grid should fail—all while reducing the carbon emissions.

Our platform provides unprecedented flexibility to meet your energy needs and personalize benefits for a wide range of facility types as demonstrated by the hundreds of megawatts we have deployed around the world.

Personalized Benefits